All Saint's Church in Fleet devastated by fire
23rd June 2015
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Seeing a fire rip through a church is such a horrible experience. And particularly such an iconic and beautiful church in a close community such as Fleet.

Having been at the scene I was shocked by the sound of the fire, of the tiles and rafters falling, as well of the smell, which reminded me of bonfire night but in such tragic circumstances.

Church Road was quickly closed off as smoke spread throughout the area and local residents were told to stay indoors.

Over 20 firefighters were sent to the fire and, despite their efforts, significant damage has been done to the roof and interior.

Following the event some incredible tales of the great work by the fire crews emerged - including firemen who bravely went into the Church to save precious Church records and significant artefacts as well as the care the crews took not to damage the headstones surrounding the Church.

We can only hope that is is possible to rebuild this beautiful building, one that holds so many memories for local people.

The organisers of Fleet Carnival have offered to run an appeal during the event which takes place from 3-4 July.

The church was built in the 1860s by William Burgess and was commissioned by Charles Lefroy, speaker of the House of Commons, in memory of his wife, Janet Lefroy.



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