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24th February 2012
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Baby Scan Studio have cause for celebration.


They can truly claim that they are a leading centre for ultrasound scanning; as they have now been acknowledged by Birmingham City University as a practical unit for Midwives studying for the Post Graduate Diploma in Ultrasound qualification.




Dr Christie, former Head of Obstetric Ultrasound at the University of Dundee Medical School, and the man responsible for introducing the 20 week annomily scan into the NHS, said "Here at Perth Babyscan we are delighted to be connected with the Birmingham faculty and to enable Midwives to benefit from what we offer parents and families across Tayside."

The Scanning experience allows you to see your baby on a wall mounted screen. The image you will see is in real time and you are able to see your baby smile, yawn, play,and feel, whilst you watch your baby move and kick. These images are captured in film and still format providing a lovely gift idea at this special time.

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