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Precise Mortgages Ltd, Fleet and Farnborough

Neil Baker at Precise Mortgages Ltd was able to assist me when choosing the correct mortgage for me. Getting divorced can be a very difficult time in your life. I certainly wasn't prepared for it and genuinely didn't know where to start the process. As a direct result, I was also faced with selling and purchasing a new home, as well as arranging a mortgage. I was so pleased that Kate McCarthy from Watson Thomas solicitors recommended Neil Baker to me. I knew from the first time I spoke to Neil that he would be able to help me with an application for a mortgage. Neil was kind, approachable, and very understanding. He has been supportive and explained everything to me in a way that I genuinely understood. I was provided with excellent professional advice and guidance along the way. I would highly recommend Precise Mortgages to anyone requiring help with a mortgage application.