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Yiayias at The Fox, Farnham

Such a genius idea! Bring a little bit of Greek to Farnham. Yiayia's Kitchen at The Fox promised to offer authentic Cypriot food with the taste of home. Well, this is one home I'd like to live in if this is what they eat for dinner every night! I had the chicken shish with the kind of rice you always try and cook at home an never succeed. Add in superb dips and other delicacies bought to the table with a passion and enthusiasm that left lots of our local restaurants years ago. The wife and friends were in awe at the Meze selection and stared at the left-overs with guilt as it was simply too plentiful in quantity and taste to leave behind - so we took it home! Highly recommended and a great addition not just to Farnham, but to the whole of Surrey!