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Pat Frampton ITEC Dip. Aroma, Farnham

I quite often suffer with tight muscles in my neck and shoulders, and it's really hard to get someone who can make a difference. I was finding it difficult to move my neck and getting headaches that were making me feel dizzy at times because of the muscle tension in my upper back, neck and shoulders. Pat did a consultation with me and suggested the hot lava shell massage. Not only was it really relaxing (I could have stayed for hours) but really has made a difference. It's been 4 weeks now and I'm still feeling much better, normally by now it would be getting tight again or I'd already need another massage. Pat also showed me some movements I could do to help avoid it getting so bad in future. I would suggest that for relaxation or if you have muscles that are causing you problems you give Pat a call. People who saw me that week are still asking me how my neck is, and I'm very happy to tell them how much better it is!