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The Mattress Doctor has treated our bed and pillows/duvets for a couple of years now and we are extremely satisfied with the high quality and professionalism of his services. We will surely use his services again. I highly recommend Mr Neville to anyone who likes and/or needs very clean and dust free bed/duvet/pillows.
Glynn is a true professional and passionate about his business. When you meet Glynn you might find yourself wondering why someone so intelligent and dynamic isn't off earning megabucks for some bluechip company, the reason is his desire to help people with their health and wellbeing. When you consider that 33% of your life is spent sleeping on a mattress it becomes only too clear how important it is to have it clean and hygenic. Simply because we can't see what a microscope sees shouldn't mean "out of sight out of mind". A clean mattress assists with the health of the sleeper. Why put clean sheets on an unclean mattress! Try Glynn, it makes sense.
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