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Black Swan Tyre and Exhaust offer MOT’s, servicing and car repairs. They are your local tyre dealers in Farnham who pride themselves on their expertise and customer care.


Our service centre remains open as we continue doing everything we can to keep your vehicles on the road. 

You can be assured that protecting the health and wellbeing of all our customers and team members remains paramount during this difficult time. 

If you need assistance please call us on 01252 726208 or CLICK HERE to send a message via our website.

Black Swan Tyres and Exhaust are based in Wrecclesham on the outskirts of Farnham. Their highly trained technicians and engineers provide a range of garage services including: car diagnostics, air conditioning, brakes, repairs, servicing and MOT's.

They also have knowledge as tyre and exhaust dealers that is second to none.

With a combined work experience of over 80 years between their fully trained staff. Black Swan pride themselves on work ethics based on honesty and competiveness in the retail market and they are a company that will go that extra mile where no job is too small or too large. Their customer base, from Farnham and beyond, continues to grow and includes a steady stream of regular satisfied customers.


Black Swan Tyre and Exhaust understand that very often tyres have to be replaced long before their specified life has been reached, mainly because of rapid or uneven tread wear. Common causes of avoidable tread wear include:

  • Under-Inflating - causing wear along the inside and outside edges of the tread.
  • Over-Inflating - causing wear along the centre of the tread.
  • Faulty brakes or shock absorbers - can cause flat bald spots around the tread of the tyre.
  • Incorrect wheel alignment - causing wear along the inside or outside edges of the front tyres.

If you even suspect wear or misalignment do not hesitate to contact Black Swan Tyre and Exhaust, they can help you with:

  • Balancing
  • Tyre Tread
  • Inflation
  • Laser Wheel Alignment
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Boge Shock Absorbers

Farnham's Black Swan Tyre and Exhaust stock new tyres for almost every car, van and truck whatever your budget.


Black Swan Tyre and Exhaust are also the cheapest battery supplier in the Farnham area and will not be beaten on price!


Modern braking systems seldom fail totally, however erosion of performance takes place over a period of time. Drivers often make subconscious compensation for this gradual deterioration and therefore fail to realise just how dangerous the brakes have become.  

Black Swan Tyre and Exhaust have trained technicians, in their Farnham premises, who can spot this deterioration and prevent your brakes becoming dangerous.


Effects of rust and corrosion by toxic wastes reduces the life of the exhaust and can lead to noisy and dangerous failures.

A 'blown', noisy exhaust is illegal and can lead to a fine.
In addition, toxic fume emissions start to leak from a failed exhaust into the car, it can lead to headaches, sickness and drowsiness, and so possibly leading to accidents. 

If you have any concerns about your exhaust system contact Black Swan Tyre and Exhaust Centre, one of their fully trained technicians will provide the correct advice for you.

Black Swan Tyres and Exhaust are Farnham's first choice of local, experienced and cost effective tyre dealers.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 08:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday: 08:00am - 1.00pm

Please mention thebestof Farnham when contacting Black Swan Tyre and Exhaust Centre.

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