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Feeling energised, invigorated but relaxed after my recent visit for a massage with Pat. Very Highly recommended
I went to see Pat today with a painful shoulder. She used heat and warming oils that worked really quickly to loosen up tension. Feel great. Have booked for next month.
This is a wonderful treat - soothing music in such calm surroundings and a blissful massage. The hour always goes so quickly, but the benefits remain over the following days. Pat ensures each session is tailored to your specific needs and her warm, friendly personality and wide choice of treatment times throughout the day, ensure a return visit is never far away
Just tried Pat's new Molten Lava Stone back massage. Heat from the stones really penetrated tension in my shoulders (from hours at the laptop) and I felt myself "drifting off" and pain free.
Fab massage techniques, caring treatments,knowledgeable and professional approach.
Pat is friendly, passionate, professional and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the right treatment for you. I contacted Pat after having some problems with my hands from drumming. Before and after treatment from Pat made the process much faster and put my mind at ease. I cannot recommend Pat more. If your not sure or thinking about it, take my advise and give her a ring, you will be happy you did.
One you are in the hands of Pat, all your worries and problems disappear. Pat has 'magic' hands and works in such a relaxing atmosphere, you nearly fall asleep! Pat is also a fountain of knowledge if you have aches and pains that need expunging.
Just had another wonderful massage from Pat and I am feeling totally relaxed. Thoroughly recommended !
A 'Pat'on the back - amazing thank you! I highly recommend Pat Frampton Aromatherapy
I have just had a. wonderful Aromatherapy Massage from Pat and am still floating. She has a very professional approach but is also very intuitive and caring. After taking a detailed medical history she used just the right oils that were perfect for me. I do not hesitate in recommending her and look forward to my next massage.
I recommend you see Pat great skin treatments. She treated the swollen mosquito bites on my legs with Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel and the results were amazing - reduced pain and fast healing!
Very please with how things are coming along, feel a lot better after having a couple of massage treatments, which is helping with my mental health, gym work & cricket. will be having plenty more treatments over the coming months. After finding Pat of the Best of Farnham site got in contact & explained what i had gone through & went from there. Pat is very welcoming & i enjoy the massage treatments she gives & i would definitely recommend to family & friends.
I have been having treatments with Pat regularly for some years. During that time I have had various injuries/health issues, and Pat always seems to be able to recommend and deliver a treatment that is appropriate and efficacious. I come away from the sessions feeling completely rejuvenated, with my skin glowing. DO give it a go!
Pat has worked wonders on my neck and shoulders - I have a bigger range of movement now and the pain has gone - amazing ! Thoroughly recommend her treatments.
I quite often suffer with tight muscles in my neck and shoulders, and it's really hard to get someone who can make a difference. I was finding it difficult to move my neck and getting headaches that were making me feel dizzy at times because of the muscle tension in my upper back, neck and shoulders. Pat did a consultation with me and suggested the hot lava shell massage. Not only was it really relaxing (I could have stayed for hours) but really has made a difference. It's been 4 weeks now and I'm still feeling much better, normally by now it would be getting tight again or I'd already need another massage. Pat also showed me some movements I could do to help avoid it getting so bad in future. I would suggest that for relaxation or if you have muscles that are causing you problems you give Pat a call. People who saw me that week are still asking me how my neck is, and I'm very happy to tell them how much better it is!
I have been having regular massages with Pat for a while now and leave each session feeling really relaxed. From the oil blends to the massage, everything is individual to me and my needs at the time. I would recommend her to anyone.
After seeing Pat many times over the years I have always come away feeling renewed, refreshed and pampered. Pat is always so welcoming and knowledgeable. From aches, pains, injury or just a bit of TLC, I would recommend Pat to everyone.
Just had a great new back massage treatment from Pat - Hot Lava Shells ! They were beautiful heated shells which Pat used to smooth out all the knots in my shoulders. Have booked another one ! I recommend these Hot Lava Shells - have made my back feel really good.
Nirvana!! Wonderful body massage treatments with aromatherapy products. I have been having the LAVA SHELL treatment and feel totally pampered, warm and relaxed.
Pat is a wonderful massage therapist who is very professional in her manner and approach. She has "healing hands" and works wonders on my back, hands,arms and neck. It is a fantastic end of the month experience. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Rhona Mc
Pat works wonders with Lavender Oil! An un-missable relaxation experience!
An aromatherapy session with Pat Frampton will send you home feeling refreshed, relaxed and pampered. She is a brilliant practitioner with a professional manner and a warm and sympathetic personality.......just perfect all round.
I have been seeing Pat for about five years now on a regular basis. What I like most about her is that she really cares about her patients and makes them feel special.
I would whole-heartedly recommend Pat to anyone seeking wonderful massage, deep healing and a thoroughly nurturing and restoring experience. Pat is a wonderful lady and tremendously gifted healer.
Pat is a wonderful therapist. She is very skilled at all aspects of her work but for me her reikie sessions are fantastic. She has a sensativity to others that makes it a joy to be with.
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