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Adam puts you at ease (myself and my daughter) and simply works his magic on you. After having experienced many other treatments to sort out ailments, it/Adam just works! Simple.
I spent a night in incredible pain unable to turn over in bed & I had great difficulty in getting up. I phoned Adam Buttery the following morning to make an appointment to see him the next day. I could not go that day as I had several important appointments I had to keep. Adam said he would “send me some reiki” & it would take about 30 minutes to work. After about 25 minutes I could feel the pain easing. The pain disappeared & I was able to go to my appointments. The following day when I saw Adam for some Bowen Technique treatment he said he could see the bad energy in my back & my hip. I had not mentioned the pain in my hip to him on the phone, just the pain in my back! I had two Bowen treatments over the next two weeks which removed the pain completely and since then I have been pain free. So if you find yourself in incredible pain (or even some pain) you want to get rid of, then I suggest you get in touch with Adam as soon as possible.
Being treated by Adam I came out feeling a new, more comfortable person - pain lessened and my spirit refreshed. I look forward to my top ups every few months as required.
I found the treatment offered by Adam worked. My previous stiff limbs feel so much freer and and I now feel more confident to walk longer distances and all this after just one treatment
Having picked up an injury from running, I had a number of sessions with Adam to help locate the source of the problem. Adam's true holistic approach means he is very 'in tune' with the whole body, not just the area with pain. He is hugely knowledgeable about not only the physical side of massage but also how a person's energy can affect recovery from injury or stress. Anyone can feel totally confident in Adam's healing hands and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an approach which works! Christy Roxburgh, Hypnotherapist
I went to Adam to seek relief from my ME symptoms. He is gentle, kind and caring and I have found benefit from both his Reiki and his Bowen therapy and I have now started to take both my sons to see him with positive effect. Thanks Adam.
I met Adam at a few networking events and subsequently invited Adam along to a "Ladies Pampering Evening" I arranged at Salesian College, Farnborough. Adam's services (a taster massage session) were an absolute hit - thank you. Lin
Adam is very caring and considerate. His therapies are gentle but powerful. I really recommend him.
If you have ever had aches and pains from car accidents, stress, work etc then you ned to go and see Adam. His holistic approach is so much better than popping pills and and sticking on a heat treatment! He uses Bowen Techinque and also does Reiki and many types of massage and they all work so well you will want to tell everyone about the way that your pain disappeared and all in the most relaxed environment and you will definitely not wait for hours to see him!So if you need to get rid of stress or want to rid yourself of all those aches and pains, go see Adam and be amazed, be very amazed. Even if you are a sceptic about holistic therapy you should go. I feel that this is the way forward.
I went to Adam for a Reiki after being recommended by a friend. I had had a hard year and was feeling very down. I felt better immediately afterwards and after my 3rd session felt nearly back to normal. A really nice person, very friendly and made me feel very comfortable.
I met Adam through a networking group and as I had been unlucky enough to have had a car accident earlier in the year and was still suffering back, neck and head aches I decided that I would try an alternative to the chiropractor and osteopath. I am so glad that I did, I can honestly say that the treatment that Adam provided was first rate and I am now free from all those aches and pains; he even gave me a release from the migraines that I also suffered from. My cupboard was always stocked with paracetamol and ibuprofen tablets and every time I went near a chemist I purchased another box. I am now very pleased to say that I now no longer carry out this practice and I don’t need to buy at the rate that I was; just one box in the cupboard for emergencies now! I would whole heartedly recommend that if you are suffering form any kind of aches or pain, give Adam a call and he will sort them all out for you.
After years of sedentary lifestyle, spending most of the working day driving cars to meetings or sitting behind a desk, I was suffering from back pain almost continuously. I was uncomfortable standing, sitting or lying down for any length of time. Traditional treatments had a very limited effect and some of the drugs given to me had serious side effects. After the first two or three Bowen Technique treatments from Adam I was amazed that I was pain free for the first time in five years. I would strongly recommend Adam’s treatments to anyone.
Since suffering whiplash in a car accident, I have had problems with neck and back pains so I took the opportunity to try Adam's offer of the taster massage at The Carnival and since, I have been feeling so good
Adam provided back massages to members of the public at the recent Farnham Carnival (sponsored by the Best of Farnham), in return for donations to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice. This very generous initiative raised over £80 on the day, which Adam kindly made up to £100. Adam is keen to do more in the coming months to support the work of the Hospice, and we are delighted to welcome him to the growing band of Corporate supporters who are keen to give something back to the community in which they live and work. Many thanks. Andrew Cox, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice.
My job involves many hours working on a computer resulting in stiff neck and shoulders often leading to a migraine. Adam has used Bowen to cure my shoulder problems and acupressure to clear particularly bad migraines. I have also benefited from Adam's other healing techniques: chair massage and Reiki. Both have been therapeutic and rejuvenating. I definitely recommend Adam's Holistic Health Co.
Adamʼs "Bowen Technique" was a wonder! I have been struggling with back pain continuously for the past 9 months.After only a few sessions the pain was gone! If you have back Adam,right away!
I went to see Adam for a therapeutic massage which I would highly recommend and went back for some Reiki Healing, very nice too.
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