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You've helped me define my business strategy - thank you.
Lovely hospitality &chat! Great advice, amazing chocolate liqueur, sorry I had a big glass..
Lovely people, thanks for the free mince pies... will pop in again!
Excellent meeting with Dave Barr.Looking forward to working with bestof for 2017 & the office looks terrific, really festive!
Wonderful lunch and excellent networking. Looking forward to the next one! Thank you.
I've had a excellent, thought provoking afternoon. Really useful and has unlocked a lot of ideas which I knew but somehow didn't realise.
Good networking event in fantastic venue, good food and nice to meet attendees.
Good experience and lovely people and atmosphere.
Exeter cookery school, great venue and good networking.
A valuable event which has inspired me to make changes with the way I need to start promoting my business. The enthusiasm showed throughout and that is important. Thank you
Good workshop and very informative, some great tips to take away and put in practice.
Very informative and useful, a laid back friendly atmosphere which also doubles up as a great opportunity to network.
Great event and every informative with good advice, a lot to think about and take action on.
Making the most of the best of - Social Media - you love it or you hate it but my eyes are being opened. Thank - you
Fantastic event with lovely ladies. Food fabulous and everyone very welcoming as its only my second networking event.
Very well organised event - look forward to next one Thankyou
Excellent networking event - will come to next one please!
A very informative enjoyable few hours. Great networking event with lots of useful contacts. Thanks.
Very useful and invaluable practical information gained today. Thank you TBOE.
First class training on getting the best from events and especially getting the 60 second pitch refined and completed.
Fantastic - Learnt so much - Dave is a brilliant presenter and Fab host of inspiration.
Very informative as usual, met some new people and have loads of ideas for our business growth.
Another useful meeting with interesting people and a lot learnt by everyone.
Passionate and informative. Dave really engages the audience and encourages interaction.
Lovely setting, great lunch, Brilliant gluten free!
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In October 2016
Dirk Leonard said

Great workshop again, great value.