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20th August 2013
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If you want to encourage your staff to work together – then team building is an important element and what better than a fun and enjoyable event to challenge them. 

Hannah Hall at the Sunflower Corporation has the ideal task to test the team skills of the participants

The Ice Cream Challenge

Your team will be tasked to take over an Ice Cream Company. And to make their mark they must create a brand new ice cream!

Imagine what that involves:

Apart from determining the roles for each person – they must also consider their market, packaging, taste, sales and marketing (including  rehearsing a TV ad) – Oh – and actually make the ice cream.

They will be provided with the necessary equipment and resources – but the rest is down to them!

And as we know – the only way they will make the deadline is to work as a team.

This is a great fun challenge with tasks to suit everyone. But more than fun it shows the importance of team work, time management, delegation and creative thinking – everything you need and want in your team.

This is just one of the many team building events Hannah, and her team can provide for you. They can provide events for the specific needs of your company – maybe ‘energising’ sessions – to focus staff, or developmental session to concentrate on particular areas. Just give Hannah a call to discuss your needs.

For more details contact Hannah at the Sunflower Corporation on

0208 338 0198 

Or email Sunflower Corporation

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