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I attended Ges's workshop and 3 days later won the top prize in a blockchain accelerator winning a £100,000 investment for my business called MarketOrders, competing against 20 other startups. Ges shared simple and practical tips you can implement in a short space of time to ensure you approach that stage with confidence and courage to win that pitch! This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended on this topic and I highly recommend Ges who has a great teaching style and makes the session so enjoyable. Thanks Ges!
I would recommend that if you have any public presentations and or speeches in the offing that you engage with Ges Ray first! He is superb at taking your messages and content and giving them a spin that gives you impact. That impact is what you need to convey your message or convert potential clients. Trust me he won't take long to make a difference but the value added is immense. Thank you Ges.
I recently had a one-to-one session with Ges to get me prepared for a presentation for a crowd of 150+ clients and colleagues. He put me right at ease from the start. I was provided with a whole gambit of useful tools to help with my presentation style and general skills. He was a hugely positive influence and was able to make small tweaks which made huge differences to my performance. Please do give him a try, you wouldn’t regret it!
Ges provided our group a great morning package - simple, practical and instantly usable Training that improved our team’s presenting skills.
Ges ran a great workshop and managed to break things down into very memorable public speaking hints and tips that I'll definitely use.
I was lucky enough to be part of a workshop for beginners from Ges and it was a brilliant session: very simple and friendly yet incredibly informative. Will be using all the techniques in future!
Ges really helped me during my Nuffield journey. From first small steps in London in 2016 to Presentation skills in 2017 to being there to provide confidence during the practice run of the final scholarship presentation. And he always seems to find something funny to add to even the most serious presentation style which really helped me get the audience on side.
Ges is a professional of note...I certainly gained lots of insights through his virtual training program.
Highly recommend Ges Ray. Helped me prepare for a presentation in front of 400 people. Confident, calm and professional I would highly recommend Ges to help you with public speaking.
It's been an absolute pleasure to get to know Ges after meeting him earlier this year. He is a font of knowledge and wise counsel on all things speaker-related. What's more, he has a great sense of humour and always has time for a bit of friendly banter! Highly recommended.
Very engaging presentation training which was very relevant and applicable. Thank you Ges.
As I continue to make waves in my industry, Public speaking in all dimensions is always at the forefront of all we do. I attended a course hosted by Ges and his colleagues and was not only greeted by one of the brightest welcomes you could wish to receive, but was warmly guided along a course within a part of the working world many find difficult. Ges' approach toward peers is engaging and unique, he offers a soothing, but consistent approach offering advice and practical examples of how we can better ourselves with regards to talking in public. I said to Ges: 'despite the course being on us talking in public, the way you engaged us all as you spoke to us was inspiring, I could certainly listen to you talk all day' A course well worth it, I'm equipped to continue to grow and look forward to confidently talking at the many events going forward - thanks Ges!
Highly recommend Ges for anyone with an important presentation coming up - even the experienced presenter requires polishing from time to time! Ges provides insightful and practical advice tailored to the individual, and an enjoyable training session!
Ges gave simple clear advice on tips and tricks for public speaking. I have been presenting for 20 years, however, I found the techniques that Ges promotes very useful. I am sure that all could be improved by a session with Ges!
Ges provides some really practical and applicable advice and coaching which makes the delivery of a good presentation entirely achievable, even for a novice!
Recently attended 'Presenting To Win' workshop - Ges was fantastic! Very useful session with lots of insights and useful tips to incorporate into my presenting technique. Looking forward to using them next time I present! Thanks, Ges!
I attended a training session on public speaking with Ges and he was absolutely electrifying. The session was jam packed with tips and fun!!! Ges managed to get most of us deliver a quick speech twice!!!! He is a great performer and a "tamer". In less than one hour, he transformed the scary public speaking monster into such a cute cat!!! Cannot wait for my next presentation! I definitely recommend Ges for anyone who needs to acquire or polish up public speaking skills. Learning and fun guaranteed.
I was that person who completely fell apart during presentations....until I met Ges. After failing miserably to deliver presentations with clarity and confidence a couple of times, I knew I needed help. A 2 hour session with Ges was all it took to turn my shambolic efforts into delivering a presentation which has not only provided me with great feedback, but also some prospects to follow up for my business. Thanks Ges
Ges's help and advice with a recent presentation really made a difference.
I thoroughly enjoyed your course, at the beginning I was extremely nervous and you made us all feel good about ourselves by providing the tools to enable us to express ourselves and at the end of the course we could deliver a more confident presentation. Thank you Ges.
I attended a recent workshop for Public Speaking with Ges. He captured the audience and kept everyone’s attention throughout the 3 hour workshop - his practical approach to teaching and demonstrating techniques was very well received and assisted learners of all levels. The entire group left the workshop feeling confident and ready for their next public speaking session. Would definitely recommend his services.
No longer is holding a presentation as daunting or terrifying as it was before - Ges simplifies the process of planning and preparing to give a presentation. With a relaxed, fun approach - I highly recommend Ges' work for anyone that is feeling very apprehensive about holding a presentation, whether it be to a small group of professionals that you may be familiar with, or to a large boardroom of intimidating faces!
Ges has delivered fantastic public speaking training sessions for over 120 students for the 2nd year in a row now at the University of Surrey School of Veterinary Medicine. Ges has adapted magnificently to changes in requirements and has worked closely with us to deliver some really memorable sessions. He was able to put the classes at ease and broke down a daunting topic into techniques that our students have been able to subsequently implement. Highly recommended!
Having worked with Ges I can strongly recommend his courses. He provides simple yet effective steps that can help anyone improve their confidence in public speaking.
Ges gave an excellent workshop on how to improve your public speaking skills. It was effective and fun to attend! I would highly recommend him.
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