Speak Performance: Polaris – build your speak performance skills when delivering online / recording for social media for business
25th March 2021
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Online course


In twelve weeks you’ll transform your online presentation skills: creating confidence, becoming compelling and convincing when you are live or recording.

Who can make the most of Speak Performance: POLARIS?

You know you need to raise your game with your Speak Performance skills. Your clients have much higher expectations in today’s virtual world.

You are speaking, presenting and delivering for business. Your business. Or your part of the business.

Is this you? For more information just CLICK HERE

OR:  Contact ges.ray@speakinginpublic.info, call +44(0)7941083722 or message me on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/gesray.




Ges Ray of Speaking In Public, is a highly experienced public speaker, consultant and trainer in voice presentations. Coming originally from the corporate business world he personally knows and understands how daunting facing your audience can be, and more importantly how you can overcome this.


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