You can help yourself through your back pain
23rd February 2011
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In 1998 the Office for National Statistics reported that back pain was the leading cause of sickness absence from work in the UK with other a million people absent from work because of it.

If you run your own business taking time because of back pain is a luxury most people can't afford - and to be fair you might not have to. A common myth surrounding back pain is that a person should rest as much as possible. However, we now know that you should not rest (lie down) completely as this leads to a slower recovery and perhaps a less complete recovery.

It is important to keep your blood flowing by moving around if your pain isn't too severe because the more you move and learn to relax (yes, I know you are in pain and I did say relax!) the easier it becomes for you to recover.

Having a set of exercises that help with chronic back pain is also a good idea. 

If back pain is an issue for you right now try this:

  • Relax lying down for 20 minutes
  • Do some exercises - I have listed a few here
  • Get up and walk around for 5 minutes
  • Relax for 20 minutes
  • Do some exercises
  • Get up and walk around for 5 minutes

Following this simple routine will really help you alleviate your back pain and help you learn how to manage it better should it reappear.

Regular exercise is the key to strengthening your back long term and a visit to your friendly local Osteopath can't hurt either!




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