Why it's great to Buy Local
29th September 2015
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Buying from local businesses, rather than large nationwide corporates, helps to keep more of each pound you spend within our local area.

It also helps to ensure higher levels of local employment, a greater sense of community, fresher and more unique products and goes a long way to makign sue that Edinburgh keepd ahead of its competitors.

Whenever possible, always try to make sure that you use these businesses so that they continue to survive and, hopefully, thrive. Buy using our local businesses we help to ensure a diversity on our streets, providing more choice to local residents.

We all know that it's easy and often convenient to use the big supermarkets or to shop online for many of our day-to-day items. All we're asking you to do is to take some time to think about where the profits from your purchases are going and to try to help your local economy whenever possible.

At The Best of Edinburgh, we are proud to promote some of the best businesses in the area - and if they are not members of "The Best of" then we want to hear from you about why you think they are amongst the best local businesses in Edinburgh. Do they offer exceptional value? Do they give outstanding customer service? Do they provide a unique service. Are their products different to anything else on offer elsewhere?

If you know of such a business and they are already lised on our website, then please let us all know your thoughts by leaving them a review. Or, if you can't find them already listed on our website, then please leave a testimonial for them and you could win £100. So don't delay! Click below to post your testimonial. Good luck!


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