Web builder or Web designer?
15th October 2014
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So you need a website setting up. There are two routes that you can go down: either build the site yourself using a web builder or you can commission a Web Designer to build one for you. If you only need something simple with text, a few photos, a contact page maybe with a location map then it is probably worth your while having a go at using a web builder as this will cost a fraction of the price but the chances are that the webpage will create the desired result. If, however, you are after a more advanced website that will capture people’s data, link to a CMS, will be fully compatible across all viewing platforms and has fancier features such as a homepage banner that has a slideshow of pictures then hiring a web designer, such as Cozy Digital, is going to be what you need.

As well as being sure that all your features and requests are going to be present on your website, a good web designer will also be able to create you a unique webpage that will help you stand out from the crowd. When looking for web designers remember that price isn’t everything. Don’t be tempted to go for the cheapest quote as this could end up costing more in the long run; instead check through thoroughly what you going to get from the company and what is included in the price. It’s also worth checking whether the company will design websites from scratch or whether they will just use standard stock templates. If you are expecting a custom made service then check it out, make sure that that is what you are going to receive.  

Web designers can do marvellous work and most will really understand how important a web design is and what is needed to keep people on your page for longer. As we’ve already established, hiring a web designer isn’t for everyone and it isn’t always appropriate, but if you are after something a little special then have a look at Cozy Digital to see what they can do for you! 

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