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26th January 2011
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As a business owner your health is one of the most important aspects of your business - just as important as business profits, if not more so because when your health goes your business suffers.  

Two of the biggest causes of sickness in the UK are


  • Posture and back care related injuries
  • Mental health issues like stress and anxiety


As business owners busy doing all the work that is needed to keep the profits rolling in it can be easy to neglect our health until something goes wrong. 

Exercise is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself, keeping you feeling great mentally as well as physically fit. I appreciate that with all the time constraints making the commitment to fit exercise in can be difficult but I believe it is time worth finding and well spent.

There are things that you can do for yourself while sitting at your desk that can help and I wanted to offer a few tips to help you take care of your back.

If you are already suffering with chronic back pain you can put together a back care exercise plan that will help you re-build its strength over time.

Check your office chair

Have you adjusted your office chair correctly for your height? It is important that the height of your chair is adjusted correctly.  To avoid neck and shoulder pain it is important you sit back in your chair. Your lower back must be supported by the back of your chair.

I have a video that will show you how to adjust your chair to ensure you look after your back <== click the link to watch it.

Your computer position

Is your computer screen at eye level? A screen that is down too low or up too high will cause shoulder and neck discomfort. To avoid wrist and hand injuries when you are typing position your wrists so they are in line with your forearms. 

Get up and stretch/move

If you sit for long periods set an alarm on your computer to remind you to get up and move. Ideally, this should be every 45 minutes to an hour but if that interrupts your work pattern set your own limit. Just make sure every 3-4 hours you get up, stretch a little and walk around for five minutes before returning to your desk.

Those are just three simple things you can start today that don't require any kind of commitment and can make a huge difference to your back care.

If you have any questions feel free to take a look at the active-x best of Edinburgh profile and get in touch.


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