Portrait of Dorian Grey
3rd March 2011
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Do you have distinct 'good' and 'bad' health and fitness personalities? Perhaps you wish you had a virtuous, ultra clean living, fitness obsessive alter ego stashed in the attic... A Dorian Grey portrait picture which allowed you routinely to over eat loads of sugary, fatty foods, pickle yourself in alcohol and lounge in front of the TV for hours.

Whilst you work crazy hours, barely see let alone breathe fresh air and party in a smoky haze night after night. You'd remain slim, toned, energetic, fresh smelling, enthusiastic and full of health and vitality. And your alter ego took on the effects of your dreadful lifestyle. Picture how this portrait would change – rapidly expanding waistline, lifeless skin and hair, bad breath, stiff and creaky joints. Plus feeling breathless with a racing heart on climbing stairs, listless and lethargic with troublesome digestion... Urgghhh, not a pretty picture!

What's that? You don't actually have a Dorian Greyesque scapegoat to soak up your excesses? A Yin to balance your Yang and create a balanced human being? So if you're routinely indulging or heaping abuse on yourself with 'bad' behaviours, then whose body exactly is taking the brunt of the abuse and feeling the effects? That's right – YOURS!!!

We may all wish that someone else could do the work, make the hard decisions for us, or just wave a magic health and fitness wand. The reality is that we're ultimately all responsible for our own health and wellbeing it's ourselves who will reap the rewards of what we do on a routine basis. So if you genuinely do have a detached 'other' self to take everything you can throw at it, just you carry right on doing what you're already doing. If, like the rest of us it's your body and life that's taking the brunt, then stop and have an honest think about the real impact of what you're doing to yourself and how it's actually making you feel and affecting your health in the long term.

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