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Ditzy Media, Eastbourne

Mina has been doing our social media for the last few months and we have found her to be invauable in raising the profile of the business and bringing in more business to the hotel. It has take a big pressure of our shoulders and the consistency of our presence online is much better. She comes up with ideas and is always happy to help with last minute requests. Her communication is brilliant and we get a monthly report which helps us understand and see how our money is being spent and how much it is benefiting the company. Highly recommended.

Chatfields Jewellers, Eastbourne

I know James and Alex and find their friendly and professional approach really refreshing. Their passion for the business is obvious which makes you feel they really know what they are talking out! I've bought several things from them and they are all great quality and with their help and guidance I've managed to find the perfect thing for me. Good luck! Catherine Clifford 👍🏻

Ditzy Media, Eastbourne

Mina of Ditzy Media has not only been a great person to know from a business point of view - but she is generally a great person to know! We met initially via networking and I saw her give a couple of presentations on what she does. She is a very likeable person and this is what made me feel that I could work with her. She is recently been in to give me some Social Media training that has been invaluable. I picked up so many great tips which have saved me so much time and the advice on FB advertising and boosting posts has been great and really worked well for my business. I would highly recommend her.