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Why do your employees work for you?

When looking at your business and its future, do you look at what type of employer you are and why people would want to work for you?

Who wants a job that pays them loads of money? Put your hands up?!!

If you were offered a load of money to change jobs would you or would you be looking at other aspects of employment?

Inside the mind of an Eastbourne Recruiter...

An insight into the life of a recruiter from Eastbourne and the common misconception that all we do is cold call businesses!

How much should I pay my staff?

Paying your staff what they are worth should be the norm, not the exception…

Are you thinking of downsizing your team in Eastbourne?

Downsizing is hard. It can be made a little easier…
Downsizing… restructuring… redundancy…
Whatever term you use, it’s easy for nobody.
Let us explain how we can help you!

What is a Recruitment & Leadership Coach?

Rachel, our Recruitment Coach explains exactly what she does and how she can help you!

Looking for new staff in Eastbourne?

What do I need to consider when taking on my first member of staff? Leanne's blog about all you may need to think of during this time!

Superheros do exist...

25 September 2016 19:02

On the Earth there is a place where Recruiters have superpowers! The place is in the UK, South East to be precise, and it is called RSE Group...

Future Employers could be checking your Social Media

Future Employers could be checking your Social Media

RSE Group launches Our Jobs Rock; their interactive Job Board, to Hastings

The RSE Group Ltd are proud to announce an exciting addition to their portfolio: Our Jobs Rock.

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