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Why book your holiday through a professional independent travel agent?

When it comes time to book your holiday why should you be speaking with an independent travel agent?

Designer Travel Bring Me Sunshine Campaign

Would you like a little sunshine in your life? With Designer Travel that is easy and Debbie is there to help you all the way.

What should you think about when booking a holiday?

With so much disruption to the travel industry, you may have been one of the unlucky ones that did not book an ATOL protected holiday. Though that is just one of the many benefits to booking with a travel agent especially a local travel agent you can reach when you need them!

A chance to win a FREE holiday of a lifetime with Designer Travel

Booking your 2020 holiday? How about the chance to win something extra special with a little help from Design Travel!

Why Book Your Holiday With An Travel Agent Versus Online?

With Thomas Cook being in the news there are plenty of stories about holidaymakers not being protected by ATOL... in this post, you will find out exactly what additional benefits you get using a travel agent.

Why travel to Hong Kong or China for your holiday?

When it comes to getaways are you tired of the same old choices? Perhaps it is time to look further afield as China or Hong Kong as a travel destination.

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