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Jason C
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Hometown: Eastbourne
If you’re looking for a small business mentor or executive coach in London and the South East, now may be the time to call off the search. I help small business owners further afield, too; the UK, USA and in fact – worldwide. My name is Jason Cornes and I’m looking forward to meeting you.

The wonders of technology enable me to support you wherever you are – via Zoom or Skype. Alternatively, if you live and work in London, East or West Sussex or Surrey, we could work face-to-face if you prefer. In effect, I cover the London to Brighton “corridor”, plus geographically sideways – if you see what I mean.

My small business mentoring is focused on the self-employed, or on one or two-director businesses with or without staff. To sum up, my expertise serves almost any type of small business, from trades through to professional services. If you’re a senior-level decision-maker or director, I can help you enhance your self-belief and your confidence to become the effective leader you truly deserve to be.

As a matter of fact, I’m completely passionate about making a difference to YOU. And, I’m one hundred percent committed to making you happier, more focused and ultimately much richer – both financially and emotionally.

You matter. Your business or career matters. What sort of difference do you think a business mentor or an executive coach could make to your life? Why not contact me to find out.