UTC Harbourside
UTC Harbourside
  • Railway Quay
    East Sussex
    BN9 0ER
UTC@harbourside is in an area that is increasingly important as a centre for green businesses, sustainable recycling and energy generation. By specialising in marine and environmental engineering, the UTC will help to meet the known shortage of engineers for the future with the specialist skills and environmental awareness needed to support ‘clean’ and ‘green’ technologies such as wind farms and tidal energy generators.

Our vision is that the UTC will:

  • Provide young people with engineering and employability skills that will give them an advantage in the careers market;
  • Give young people the right skills, competencies and attitudes to be employable, entrepreneurial and armed to tackle the challenges of the real world;
  • Provide a wide range of opportunities for all levels of students, which are practical, relevant to employment, hands on, interesting and fun;
  • Develop a state-of-the-art, regional centre of learning excellence with an innovative curriculum that provides access to learning that is created by local employers, giving them a superb opportunity to experience work and become in demand when they enter the jobs market;
  • Create an educational route that is perfect for those who want to specialise in engineering and who are interested in the environment.