The Friends of the Hampden Park
The Friends of the Hampden Park
  • Courtmead
    Walnut Tree Walk
    BN20 9BP
This Group's intention is to preserve and enhance the quality of the parkland and open spaces of Hampden Park for the enjoyment and benefit of park users.

The area of interest shall be defined as all that land, buildings and vegetation bounded:

(a) in the east by the Decoy Stream to the east of Elm Grove field and the Sainsbury store access road from Cross Levels Way

(b) in the south by Cross Levels Way and the boundary to Park College and its grounds

(c) in the west by Kings Drive, the Park Avenue entrance to the Park and the boundary fence to the properties in Clifton Close, the Clifton Nursery site and the properties in Kings Drive/Decoy Drive which back on to the Park and

(d) in the north by Decoy Drive, Rosebery Avenue round to the Park Drive entrance to the Park and then along the Decoy Stream past Ham Shaw and Elm Grove Field.

Specific Aims:

(1) To influence and raise funding for improvements to the Park.

(2) To liaise with Eastbourne Borough Council and other government bodies over the management, maintenance and development of the Park.

(3) To ensure that the Friends' Group is inclusive and representative of the community.

(4) To encourage the responsible authorities to make the Park safe and pleasant, now and for the future.

(5) To see the Park come alive and be treated with respect.

(6) To enhance and preserve wildlife and conservation, play facilities, heritage, and sporting facilities.


The Group will consist of paid-up members who agree to help advance the Friends' principal aim. There will not be specific representatives of special interest groups, but all will be welcome to join as individual members keen to support the Friends' causes. Membership shall be on payment of a specified reasonable registration fee, the amount to be decided from time to time by the membership.

The committee shall consist of :

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Seven committee members

Election to this committee shall be by annual election at a general meeting of the then current paid-up members, members having been notified of that meeting at least two months in advance.  Nomination of committee to be advised to the Hon. Secretary at least one month prior to the advertised date of the Annual General Meeting.

Other persons whom the committee considers to be capable of providing a much-needed additional input may be co-opted during the course of any year. Those co-opted must stand down or seek election at the end of that committee year.

Role of Chairperson:

Contact and, spokesperson for the Group and keeps meetings fair, unbiased and on time.

Role of Treasurer:

The Treasurer will hold the cheque book; keep receipts and a record of all income and expenditure of the Group. They will prepare accounts each year for presentation to the full Annual General Meeting of the members and will arrange for their independent audit.

All expenditure of the Group will require the signature of two of three agreed signatories. 

These agreed signatories being the Chairperson, the Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary.

Role of Secretary:

Minute taking and presentation, letter writing, organising meetings, venues, etc.


The Group proposes to:

(1) Hold regular members' meetings for feedback discussions and reports of progress made by the committee and to hear fresh proposals and ideas from the committee and members.

(2) Invite and consult relevant special interest groups such as sports clubs and wildlife groups as and when thought necessary by the committee.

(3) Inform local people, schools, businesses, sports clubs etc. of our activities and involve them to the maximum.

(4) Hold events to canvas opinion on projects being considered and to raise awareness of them.

(5) Produce a newsletter of the group's activities at intervals to be decided by the committee.


The group wishes to adopt the following principles:

(1) To provide mutual support to all those involved.

(2) To ensure the group is inclusive and representative of the community and park users.

(3) To keep everyone informed of meetings and to invite members to work in areas they feel comfortable with.

(4) To ensure, as far as possible, decisions are reached by consensus rather than by voting.

(5) To be as informal as possible to encourage everyone to contribute.


After discharging any liabilities of the Friends, the remaining assets shall be given to some other voluntary organization having similar objectives to, and controlled by similar rules to the Friends.

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