Sussex Disc Golf
Sussex Disc Golf
  • Courses at Gildredge Park & Hampden Park
Sussex Disc Golf are an organisation dedicated to promoting and developing participation across Sussex in the sport of disc golf. Our ultimate goal is to establish a permanent basketed 18 hole course in East Sussex.

Disc Golf is very similar to ball golf but instead of hitting a ball into a hole you have to throw a frisbee into a basket or other target.  Holes are of comparable lengths to traditional golf holes and we use much of the same terminology, such as, birdie, par, tee etc.

Disc Golf is an inclusive and accessible sport.  It doesn’t require a huge financial investment as you can play with just one disc (although once the bug bites you may find you start collecting a large amount of frisbees!). Age is no barrier to participation as there are 8 year olds who play on the national tour as well as competitors in other countries well into their 70s.

You don’t need to be super fit to play disc golf but it is a great way to get outside in the fresh air and do some exercise.  It has been said that golf is a great way to spoil a good walk, well disc golf is a great excuse to go out on a good walk!  Disc Golf is also a very environmentally friendly sport as it has little impact on the environment whilst still enabling people to get out and enjoy the local parkland and countryside.

Sussex Disc Golf are a group of highly dedicated disc golfers who travel all over the country to play the sport they love.  Sussex does not have a permanent basketed disc course though we are currently working very hard to get permanent courses built in both Eastbourne and Brighton.  Despite the lack of any permanent courses there are several portable basket courses across Sussex.  In Eastbourne there are two well established 18-hole courses at Hampden Park and Gildredge Park.  

In Brighton there is a recently established 9-hole course at Stanmer Park, with work going on to extend this to 18.  We are also looking at short courses in Withdean Park, Wild Park and Hove Park in Brighton as well as a challenging 18-hole tournament course at Warren Hill near Beachy Head.  

If you are interested in playing any of these courses or just giving disc golf a try please get in touch as we are more than happy to show beginners the ropes and get as many people as possible playing the sport.

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