Save the DGH
Save the DGH
  • Eastbourne
    BN21 2UD
Save the DGH is non political, not-profit, it has one aim TO FIGHT THE PROPOSED CUTS AT THE EASTBOURNE DISTRICT GENERAL HOSPITAL
We are a group of people from Eastbourne and surrounding districts, who like many others cannot comprehend why the NHS Trust is even considering such cut backs.  We are not politically motivated on this.  However, we are delighted that all political parties in Eastbourne and District are united in this cause to stop any downgrade of core services at Eastbourne District General Hospital.

We want to play a key part in maintaining and even improving the services provided at our local hospital and hope that you too can help. If you have any comments, news, web links etc please do not hesitate to e-mail us at:
Thank you very much
Liz Walke - Chair
Monica Corrina-Kavakli - Secretary

Richard Booth - Treasurer
Barry Davis - Legal Advisor and Solicitor
The Rt Rev Wallace Benn - The Bishop of Lewes
Stephen Lloyd MP
Nigel Waterson (former MP)
Vincent Argent (Consultant Obstetrician/ Gynaecologist)
John Clarke (GP)
Sandy Medway (Churches Together and previous East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust non-executive Director)
Tim Cobb (Public Relations)
Ian Lucas (Representative of Local Business and previously Leader of Eastbourne Borough Council)
Councillor David Tutt (Leader - Eastbourne Borough Council)
Councillor Colin Belsey (Conservative)
Helen Key (Labour Party Representative)

To the Decision Maker

Did you see the people marching?
Read their banners, hear their voices? 
Think carefully, my Friend, 
When making calculated choices, 
Remove essential services? 
The journey would be far 
If you are cradling an injured child
in the back seat of a car, 
Or, if you are in labour 
Your body wracked with pain,
And fear for a precious baby,
Is driving you insane. 
Spend cash to cut down violence, 
Preserve what we hold dear. 
Then replace the stress it caused 
With a different kind of fear? 
Fear that, as we are vulnerable, 
We must live every day, 
Knowing help in an emergency, 
Could be too far away? 
Yes, you must count the pennies, 
And this is understood, 
But to cut back vital services, 
Defies the common good. 
There must be other avenues, 
Financially to try, 
Think hard, Decision Maker, 
Or the innocent could die! 

Ann Bissett