Rainbow Bridge Equine Rescue
Rainbow Bridge Equine Rescue
  • Willingdon
    East Sussex
Rainbow Bridge Equine Rescue is a small HMRC registered rescue based in East Sussex (Registered HMRC Charity No. Xt32731.)

We take in horses and ponies from many different situations some unwanted, neglected saved from slaughter, from markets and those that are suffering from illness.

We rehabilitate and re-home the equines we can, we understand that all of the problems have been caused from the situations they have been in ...hence some of the animals that come into our care are unsuitable or unsafe to be rehomed these will live the remainder of there days with us.

We fund the rescue ourselves through fundraising but always welcome assistance to help us to raise funds to allow us to continue to provide care to these equines in need.

Our aim is to also assist and educate others .......sometimes a little assistance is all that's needed to help get horse owners through a difficult period.

Call Julie Karimi on 0781 6523905 
Melanie Jarvis-Vaughan 07984 566492

To make a donation via paypal our email address is rainbowbridgeequinerescue@yahoo.co.uk

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