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In partnership with local people Quicken Trust is creating a heart in Kabubbu, Uganda. Thanks to sponsorship of their education & primary health care needs, poverty-stricken Kabubbu Kids thrive on an opportunity to transform their lives.

Described locally in 2000 as “the forgotten village” but just 20km from Kampala,

Kabubbu had been overlooked and reduced by the ravages of war, famine and disease to a village of poverty-stricken orphans and grandparents. A whole generation having been mostly wiped-out. In the last 19 years Kabubbu Kids have passed through the schools built by QT’s partner in the village, Kabubbu Development Project, and are now succeeding at universities in Uganda, the USA and Costa Rica, and through vocational education. More sponsors are constantly needed as QT and KDP address the poverty and deprivation still existing in Kabubbu.

Fundraising projects have enabled the building of infrastructure beyond the primary school, Trust High School and the Fonthill Vocational Institute. A health centre, foster home, maize mill, library and now a community centre & church are supporting the growing self-determination of villagers, and their welfare. Small business initiatives, including the local women’s application of their learning at Street Business School, are leading to the start of a self-sustaining local economy.

This is made possible thanks a great deal to the generosity of the local community in Eastbourne, sponsors throughout the country, and a large number of schools, churches, and businesses that have been involved over the years in both practical and financial ways. So much achieved in such a short time thanks to their sponsorship of children’s education.

With aims to foster a link between Kabubbu and the Eastbourne community, the Charity encourages voluntary work in two ways; in the UK office and through participation of individual volunteers and schools / youth groups in Kabubbu Uganda. Volunteers are vital to the success of Quicken Trust’s work, and the charity welcomes all people with fundraising ideas and volunteering skills.

 ‘The finest example of rural development I have ever seen or heard of in Uganda’