Pentacle Drummers
Pentacle Drummers
  • Eastbourne
The Pentacle Drummers were founded in 2001 to perform at the Lammas Festival to accompany the Eastbourne Giants, 'Herne the Hunter' and 'Andred', Saxon Goddess of the Weald.

Since then they have grown from a small group, in to the premier Drumming group in Sussex performing at over 30 events a year all over the UK and running two very successful events in Eastbourne, The Wassail and the Pentacle Drummers Summer Solstice Festival.

Passionate, powerful, tribal-esque rhythms

They are always seeking new avenues where we can share their passionate, powerful, tribal-esque rhythms and entertain the masses.

A few of their drummers can be seen in the Dizzee Rascal Video for Dirtee Cash filmed in Autumn 2009, and one of their drummers can be seen in the award winning Florence And The Machine Video for Dog Days 2010.

Have you got Rumbling Thunder!

In 2014 The Pentacle Drummers released their first professionally produced album, "Rumbling Thunder", which sold out of the first printing in just over a day. The Pentacle Drummers' main livery is green and red and their tatter coats, face paint and kilts help lend a theatrical touch to events. At medieval festivals they enter into the spirit of the events by adopting full medieval attire.

Sussex Bonfire season

They are a staple of the Sussex Bonfire season and adopt a much darker look. You will recognise them by their more sinister costumes and make-up. The Pentacle Drummers are unparalleled for energy, enthusiasm and sheer entertainment value. Many have attempted to emulate the power of Pentacle Drummers, none have succeeded.

"At the re-opening of the pier at Eastbourne, The Pentacle Drummers were the stars of the day! Gothic, clan-like, war-like beats. Fronted by a jolly giant of a guy, this is captivating band."

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