Memory Lane
Memory Lane
  • Christ the King Church Hall
    3, Princes Road
    BN23 6HT
Memory Lane is a group for people with dementia and their carers. Our main priority is to offer social activities and support to our members. In September last year, we were successful in becoming a registered charity.

The Meet and Greet group runs monthly and is aimed at people with dementia and their carers. We organise various activities during the year including singing/dancing, art, crafts, games, visiting pat dogs, etc. We also organise a Christmas party and a summer outing for these members. People attending are supported both by the volunteers who attend as well as people in the same situation as themselves.

Last year we applied to Eastbourne Council for £4000 to run a singing group. This followed on because members had attended a 6 week programme Singing for the Brain, but at the end of the programme they were no longer able to attend, due to funding constrictions. It was something they enjoyed very much and the benefits to their health and wellbeing were immense. It was also somewhere they could attend together. This group started in April, At the same time we also started a dancing group. At first we undertook circle dancing, but have recently changed this to Line Dancing. 

Social Interaction