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Karate Academy
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Open to martial artists from all backgrounds whether a beginner or advanced. The Karate Academy Eastbourne is the premier martial artists dojo for Karate training in the Kissaki method in the UK.

Wax on, wax off. If there’s one thing 1984’s The Karate Kid movie taught us, it’s that patience and self-discipline is the way to beat the bullies and be a true winner. If we hadn’t learnt the lesson the first time round, a spawn of sequels plus an (unnecessary) 2010 remake starring Jaden-son-of-Will-Smith were on hand to drive the message home. Did it work for you?

Karate kids

Young or old, The Karate Academy in Eastbourne teaches this wonderful practice which is loaded with both physical and psychological benefits. While nothing is cuter than a youngster in their karate gi (that’s the white robe to those not up with their karate speak) on their way to a class, it’s important to remember that these kids mean business, and starting young sets the bar high.

For parents’ ease, courses for kids at The Karate Academy run in line with school term dates. It’s an extracurricular activity that colleges and universities will favour in their future. Not to sound too American, but when it’s a choice between a straight A student and an A-B-student who’s an all rounder in clubs and activities, the all rounder has the advantage.

Teaching basic principles of self-defence, The Karate Academy combines games and karate practice in a physical class that is both challenging and fun. And, who knows, your child may be a future Olympic champion if the 2020 Olympic Games come calling. Antonio Espinos, President of the world Karate Federation, is appealing to the International Olympic Committee for karate to be included in the 2020 Games. Eight sports are bidding for inclusion but it is the all rounder karate that hopes to make it. Espinos praised karate, saying it’s a sport which “educates people, and makes them more peaceful and human”. This is an ethos The Karate Academy instructors are keen to pass on to their students. As a physical activity that’s low-cost when compared to other children’s hobbies, karate develops strength AND self-esteem.

Fighting talk

The Karate Academy isn’t just for karate kids and Olympic champions of the future; Adult classes are also held in Eastbourne. The Kissaki-Kai karate method adopted by the Academy provides partner based, structured training. Increasing awareness, boosting self esteem and learning life skills  The Karate Academy appears to offer more than any counselling session can! Add to that the mood-boosting endorphins from the physical workout, there really is no loser in this sport. Classes are led by fully trained instructors, including Sensei Don Came, who’s been on the martial arts scene since Rocky first stepped into the ring with his trainer Mickey in 1976. Different sports, maybe, but the inner strength and discipline make valid links between the two.

A different workout

Karate aside, The Karate Academy is a complete wellbeing centre, offering classes that stand alone  and complement- karate sessions. Kettlebells training is one such class, a weight-training method that strengthens and conditions. Its unique selling point is the fast fat-burning results (compare to other fitness classes) as fat is burned for up to 48 hours after a class. Posture and correct use of the kettlebell weights is vital, which is why a small class size like at The Karate Academy is ideal. Following a DVD at home is not the right option with a Kettlebells workout, as care needs to be taken. Muscles will ache the following day after a training session  but no pain, no gain, right?

A gentler workout to complement karate classes is Pilates at The Karate Academy. The mat-based exercises strengthen the core and help you think about your posture in everyday life. Still sitting slumped over reading this? Thought not…

Small training sessions of 1:1 and 2:1 are offered at The Karate Academy, meaning a personal workout tailored for your needs. If you find a group class more motivating, circuit classes are a fun and fast cardio challenge. The martial arts influenced workout leaves you thirsty for more. Leave the car wax to someone else and meet new friends whilst learning skills for life at The Karate Academy in Eastbourne.

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