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Edible Eastbourne
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Edible Eastbourne has a vision of a food and wildflower garden in every school and church and on bits of land that are otherwise going to waste.

We see communities becoming stronger and more caring through growing food together in permaculture style, chemical-free with a mixture of edibles, companion plants to attract bees, perennial and annual foods, berry bushes and fruit trees and more [We also secretly dream of chickens and fresh eggs]

We see children having fun planting seeds and seeing them grow, pressing apples to make juice and learning to prepare their own food.

We are already planning cookery classes on how to prepare healthy, low cost food and recipe books and advice from people who are already doing it.

We see business opportunities for distributing food grown locally by local people and CSA type deliveries. We see fresh food distributed to people who come out of foodbanks and to anyone feeding the hungry.

Above all we want to leave a legacy to future generations of abundant food sources and a culture of growing, preparing and sharing food.

What do you see? We love people to get creative and share their visions.

Community Gardens are here
Edible community food garden ventures in Eastbourne are already happening.

In the grounds of Christchurch in Seaside, the Matthew 25 mission and the people they serve, created an abundant food garden that will add in nutrition to the hot meals served there. A healing herb garden is next on their agenda.

The Eco-Gardening group started a community growing space on council land at Wadhurst Close over five years ago. Haven school planted food garden with help from their councillors devolved fund. A group of us helped the residents of Dursley/Winchcombe road turn a patch of waste land into a leisure space/orchard/veggie plot. It’s a work in progress.