Eastbourne Eagles
Eastbourne Eagles
  • Arlington Stadium,
    Arlington Road West
    East Sussex
    BN27 3RE
Speedway is a sport for all the family and the beauty of watching the Eagles at Arlington Stadium (just off the A22 Hailsham by-pass) is that you can get up close to both the riders and the bikes.

What you need to know

A speedway bike has NO brakes, just one gear, a clutch and 500cc engines which run on methanol fuel and can accelerate to 60 mph, faster than a Formula 1 car.

They race around oval circuits of around 300 metres in length in an anti-clockwise direction. To get around the tight corners at high speed the riders actually have to accelerate to bring the rear wheel out and initiate a "skid"!

Speedway meetings can be run as individual events although what you will usually see week in and week out, at Eastbourne, are two teams racing against each other. The 2 teams have 7 riders each and they race over 15 heats with 2 riders from each team in every heat. If a rider wins a race he will earn his team 3 points, if he comes second he will earn them 2 points, 3rd and they will only earn 1 point and if he comes last they won't get anything!

Speedway is fast and furious and right on your doorstep.

At Eastbourne

Come early and go to the pits, which are open until about 45 minutes before the start of the meeting.

The riders will be there…you can talk to them, get autographs and have photographs with your favourite. You will also see what a lean and mean machine a speedway racing bike is.

A friendly sport

Have no worries about taking children to Eastbourne Speedway. The fans of the sport are friendly and mix with each other on the terraces. A speedway fan is always happy to explain to a newcomer what is happening – just ask and someone will jump in and help.

Organised group community visits to Eastbourne Speedway

We aim to engage with a range of sports clubs (football, hockey, rugby, cricket; indeed any sports and organisations) schools, Scouts + Guides, registered charities and community organisations to offer visits to Eastbourne Speedway for groups of up to 200 on Race Nights.

If the group includes children under the age of 16, we will expect the ratio of children to responsible adults/parents to be no more than 2:1 (e.g 50 children would require around 15-20 responsible adults at all times).

The standard format will be:

First organised visit – FREE of CHARGE

Second organised visit – Concession Rates and Children Under 16 FREE

Ongoing Visits – for Groups of 50 or More a bespoke Pricing plan can be arranged.

For Clubs and Groups this will involve an EXCLUSIVE STADIUM Tour on your first Visit with PITS/RIDER Access to include a visit too to the Starting Tapes Area and a live Presentation from the Referees Box of the various Starting/Exclusion Lights etc; and also an EXCLUSIVE Photograph taken on The Centre Green after Racing with available Riders, Free Copies of any Photos taken by our Official Club Photographer Mike Hinves, will then be sent to the Club or Organisation.

How to arrange a community visit

Contact our Community Team organiser Paul Garnell at community@eastbourne-speedway.com 07733 336448

General admission prices

  • Adults: £16.00 (aged 16 or over)
  • Concessions: £14.00* (concessions cover Male OAP’s 65 and over, Female OAP’s 60 and over, Disabled with proof of Disability + 1 Registered Carer at Concession Rate, Students aged up to age 22 only with valid Students Card with Photo ID. In all cases Proof of Age / Disability / ID will be required IF requested
  • Children – Aged under 16*: £2.00
  • Children Under 5 – FREE
  • Family Ticket – £30.00 (2 Adults and 2 or more Children aged under 16 years of age)
  • Programme: £3.00
  • Car parking is free

(The Match Programme also constitutes 1 FREE ENTRY into the 2019 Club Raffle at each Meeting with a DRAW at the Interval of each Meeting)

(*proof of entitlement may be requested and Full Admission Rate will be charged if not valid)