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Canton Martial Arts
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Canton Martial Arts is a registered and accredited Black Belt Academy. We have been helping children and adults in Eastbourne for over 20 years.


As one of the corner stones within the Eastbourne Martial arts fraternity, Canton Martial Arts was the first to open a full time dedicated Martial Arts Academy with in the Eastbourne area – 2007.

Our full time centre is now based in Willow field Road, in the town centre, and is home to over 100+ families. 

With family being of HUGE IMPORTANCE to us, we really do excel by allowing families to train and socialise together within our classes and venue.

With regular community events and social activities, we really are more than just a punch/kick club, we are a family that sticks together and helps each other achieve goals.

We excel at teaching both children and adults, and we ensure both get the attention they deserve.

We have won many awards with our Children Martial Arts Programme and we also have included within our classes a CHILD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME, which teaches life skills that can be used in any situation.

We have specialised classes for every age group, the 3-5 year olds are our NINJAS, the 5-8 year old are our SAMURAIS, the 7-12 year olds are JUNIRO CADETS, and then we have the 13+ TEENS & SENIORS.

Having these split classes allows us to give people exactly what they want, and what works for that particular age group.  But saying that we also run family classes, where parents and children have the opportunity to train together.

We are not just a single Art school.  We are very fortunate to be able to offer 4 MARTIAL ARTS STYLES within our Academy.  They are: Karate JutsuMuay Thai Kickboxing, Ladies Only Kickboxing & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  This allows our customers to train with a multitude of variety and allows people to cross train to reach their full potential.

Martial Arts is our passion.  Service is our Mission

Being one of the nicest, happiest, best places to visit and train in Eastbourne is our number 1 goal.  We want to serve and help Eastbourne, and help put its students on the Martial Arts World map.

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