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Jon Morgan is a fitness expert and transformation specialist from Eastbourne ( East Sussex,UK). Having worked with professional athletes and everyday people Jon uses his innovative techniques, education and expertise to guide not only those with medical conditions, but the extremely overweight to shed hundreds of pounds over the course of a year.

 When I work with you I focus on how to implement the 4 key components of health into your life……Movement, Food, Mind and Support. It takes thought, planning and consistent review, but the results are mind blowing! At the end of the day it’s a choice and its up to you to make the choice that’s going to serve you best. To make the right choice you have to decide to commit.“

Jon holds a degree in Sports Science, with concentrations in physiology, medical conditions and sports specific training. Jon exploded onto the fitness scene over sixteen years ago with an insatiable appetite to help people succeed, delivering mind blowing workouts, motivational techniques and unorthodox approaches, becoming a role model and inspiration to many.

Jon is also the founder, owner and Director of Advance Personal Training, originally a personal training franchise organisation in the UK, which offered trainers the chance to build their own successful personal training business whilst working with an established brand and leading fitness professional.

Jon works with his clients on an individual and small group basis, focusing on achieving long-term results through challenging and constantly varied workouts. He is widely recognised for his dynamic and intense fat burning training, functional drills, rehabilitation methods and work with encouraging kids to get active. With a client list as diverse as his training methods, Jon emphasizes workouts that can be transferred from the gym to daily life, or from training camps to championships. He has worked with professional athletes, stroke and post operative patients, children, the obese and the sedentary. Jon’s dynamic approach, boundless energy and humour only add to the effectiveness of the experience his clients enjoy.

Many people have sought Jon’s guidance in preparation for pre-season training, competition or specific events and have stayed on to become devoted clients making him a part of their regular fitness regimen. He’s been a proactive part of the Eastbourne community over the last fifteen years – delivering tips, motivation and tricks of the trade, inspiring hundreds of people of all ages. His latest offering, Project YOU: Life Changing Transformations, has begun to change countless lives, allowing people to achieve life-changing results that wouldn’t be possible without the education, inspiration and support of Jon and his team.

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