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Are you a busy woman in business and are struggling to lose weight? As Eastbourne’s top female personal trainer and champion bodybuilder, Be Valkyrie can help.

Suzie is a weight loss and hormonal balancing specialist personal trainer for women in business, she is also a champion bodybuilder, author, blogger, netballer and chapter lead for Fiena Private Member’s Club in London.

Eastbourne's Top Female Personal Trainer

I worked in travel for years which took a toll on my body and health, it wasn’t until the day I started ripping my skirts every time I got out of the car, that I decided I wanted to make a change to my whole life.

I changed careers and started training to be a nurse but saw too many people having major surgery and having limbs amputated because of their diet and lifestyle and my role was to help people live with the situation they were in. For me, there needed to be more of a focus on prevention.

I simultaneously started bodybuilding and it changed my life, not only did I improve my health, as my physique changed and I become physically stronger, I also became mentally stronger and grew in confidence. This gave me the drive and determination to start my own business which I never had the confidence to do before.

You may already be successful in business, you may have a wonderful family around you, but if you avoid speaking out, or have held yourself back for a promotion or applying for job because of fear of what others will think, or hate looking in the mirror as you are getting ready for an evening out, then it time to make change.

No one should lose a limb or not achieve all they want to in life because of their diet and lifestyle or because or how they feel about themselves. If you’re struggling to make that change there could be an imbalance in your body and time to find out what’s going on.

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Long lasting results guaranteed


Through my own experience and years of working with clients, I have developed The Valkyrie Solution which is my proven methodology to help the busiest professional woman rebalance their hormones and lose weight effortlessly.

The three biggest obstacles women in business face is; a lack of time, so they don’t feel they have the time to exercise or make changes to their diet. Women in business are confused about what is best for them, they have tried before with some success but haven’t been able to make lasting changes, they also lack the confidence to actually achieve their goals.

The ultimate problem is they hate how they feel when they look in the mirror and no one should feel this way.

The Valkyrie Solution is designed for the busy professional woman by a busy professional woman to help unearth and hormonal imbalances which are stopping them from achieving their goals and help them work which an easy bespoke programme which fits their life, to help build their confidence with nutrition, exercise and in themselves and to give the knowledge to achieve long-lasting results.

And so ultimately they can love how they feel about themselves and achieve all they want from life.

If this describes you then you can attend one of my next Hormonal Harmony Workout days.

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7 Reasons to work with me

  1. I’ve made long-lasting changes which have improved my whole life
  2. I’ve helped tens of other women do the same with my unique methodology
  3. It’s totally bespoke to you
  4. I provide specialist weight loss and hormone balancing information
  5. You will have clear achievable goals
  6. I will provide full support and accountability to keep you on track
  7. It will give you the knowledge and confidence to maintain all you achieve

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