Winners sent to coventry
20th May 2011
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Last weekend saw tha main event of the calendar for the bestof Dundee and angus, together with almost 400 bestof's from across the UK.

The bestof Annual Conference and Ball was held at the Hilton Coventry. The conference aimed at bestof franchisees had attendees from Aberdeen to Truro. The day was jampacked with new initiatives, awards and 'catch-up' with other bestof's. Talk about 'word of mouth' - ti was non-stop!

The highlight was the Black tie Dinner and Ball and especially siginficant as togetherwith My Pinkie Promise were invited guests as the Bestof Dundee and angus to recognise their outstanding performance in the bestof 14 days of Love campaign.

Both came top in their respe across the UK - a massive achievementbased on testimonials from their clients.

During the campaign over 200,000 testimonials were received uk wide and reached an audience of 14 million people. So successful was the 2011 event it will run again in 2012. So tell us how much YOU love your local businesses by visiting and leave your testimonial.

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