21st January 2011
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It is no surprise that the recent major cold weather conditions have heavily influenced prices in the gas and power market over the last month as has been reflected in the latest inflation figures.
Many of us may be in denial about the future and benefits of 'green' energy but we all know that fossil fuels won't last forever and we need to take action now towards a more secure, sustainable energy supply.
Renewable energy is a source of green energy that can never be exhausted or can be replenished    -- some examples being, solar, biomass produced from organic material either directly from plants, industrial and agricultural waste, wind power and the most well known in Scotland - hydro power.
Help is at hand to cut your CO2 footprint.
Renewable energy technologies are growing for many forms of sustainable gas and power supplies and you can help your business reduce its contribution  to the depletion of fossil fuels.
Based in Broughty Ferry, Dundee is the only commercial 'green' energy utility broker in Dundee and Angus.  Kenneth Ramsay of Westburn Services is totally committed to offering  the best value 'green' energy contracts to meet clients specific needs.
To further demonstrate their commitment to renewable energy Westburn Services,  for every new commercial green energy contract,  will plant trees in a permanent forest habitat on your behalf in rural Perthshire.
So call Kenneth today - for a FREE consultation and he will be happy to advise you.
Visit www.thebestof.co.uk/dundeeandangus  and click the link to Westburn Services

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