Victoria & Albert Museum
16th March 2010
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The Victoria & Albert Museum is poised to open an offshoot in Dundee - the first venture outside London - in a move designed to play a major role in the redevelopment of the Waterfront area of Dundee.
The venture will focus on areas such as fashion, photography, and jewellery.
An independent study has suggested that the Museum could generate £18 million per year for the local economy, attract up to 130,000 tourists a year by 2015 and create more than 850 jobs.
All of this brings potential benefits for
the Best of Dundee and Angus local businesses and we all should be right behind bringing this prestigious project to Dundee. It offers a great opportunity to showcase the amenity Dundee has to offer in a fabulous waterfront location.
It will have a major impact on the perception of Dundee as an  attractive location which will attract new business as well as enhancing business opportunities for existing
Best of Dundee and Angus businesses, all of whom come through recommendation before becoming members of the Bestof.
All members are long established and reliable ranging from balloon specialists to utility brokers, bagpipe players to leaflet distribution so take a look at and see what 'the best' has to offer. 

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