The Walls Come Tumbling Down
27th August 2013
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Do you know who sang “The Walls Come Tumbling Down”?   It was The Style Council.  For me some of the lyrics in this song are great.  Verse 1 includes

You don't have to take this crap 
You don't have to sit back and relax 
You can actually try changing it 
I know we've always been taught to rely 
Upon those in authority - 
But you never know until you try 
How things just might be - 
If we came together so strongly 

Living down at City Quay, we have seen plenty of walls coming down these past 2 years.  First of all we saw the Alexander Street multis come tumbling down back in July 2011 and then this year the Hilltown multis suffered a similar fate.  The destruction of Tay House might have been less spectacular but nonetheless, it too is now no more than a pile of rubble.  The Gala Casino is currently been demolished and the old Dundee Hilton and the old Olympia swimming pool will also be brought tumbling down in the months to come.

I find it annoying when some people like to rant above all the new development work that is happening being a “waste of money”  For me, Dundee is thriving, there is so much good stuff happening.

And of course we eagerly await the start of the V&A project.  That will attract thousands of people to our city, and that is going to be great for locally owned businesses and will bring new jobs as well.  Why would anyone want to think that is a waste of money?

I firmly believe, in the words of the song, “if we all come together so strongly” then Dundee has a bright and prosperous future.  What do you think?

If you were a regular visitor to the Hilton, and still looking for accommodation in the City Centre then check out The Apex - their Spa is really cool as well.



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