23rd July 2013
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I’m sure I am not alone when I hope the rain we have had today is only a temporary blip in this great spell of weather we have been enjoying recently.  Today, we’ve been out and about and it’s been drizzling on and off in most of the towns we have visited.  In the car I was listening to Raintown by Deacon Blue – one of my favourite albums.  I’m actually a rubbish singer myself – even the city’s seagull population sounds good compared to me – but I enjoy singing along to a CD or Tay FM or Wave 102 in the car.

My car was in for a service just recently and I was having a laugh with the excellent team at Autoecosse about some of the weird and varied music collections they find lying around the cars that they service.  They even come across old men with AC/DC albums and young drivers with Beethoven & Mozart classics.  I’ve got to say that I find the team at Autoecosse are great – great prices and great customer care and genuinely a nice bunch of guys.

At home we’ll quite often put the TV off and just chat or work with some music in the background.  I really want one of the amazing Sonus Sound Systems on sale at Colin M Smith in Forfar so if Mrs TheBestOf is reading this blog – it is my birthday next month – hint hint!

So, whatever your hobbies and your interests, do please try and Buy Local.  But for now, I’m hoping that tomorrow the weather is back to sunshine again and if it is I’ll be listening to Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles.



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