Gaelic Showcase with a Pinkie Promise
17th August 2010
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Gaelic Showcase with a Pinkie Promise

 Dundee event managers, My Pinkie Promise Limited, are pleased to announce their appointment to run the Gaelic Showcase exhibition at this year’s Royal National Mod. Taking place in Caithness in October, the Mod is the biggest Gaelic cultural festival in Scotland. The Showcase event provides a platform for organisations to promote Gaelic related products and services. This year, the event will be extended to allow local organisations to promote their products and services to the Mod visitors.

Dundee, Scotland 16 August 2010 

Alison Henderson, Managing Director of My Pinkie Promise, event managers & marketing consultants based in Dundee, is proud to announce their appointment as Gaelic Showcase Event Manager by An Comunn Gàidhealach. Each year, An Comunn Gaidgealach runs The Royal National Mod, the biggest Gaelic cultural festival in Scotland. 

Alongside the Mod, the Gaelic Showcase provides an opportunity for organisations involved in providing Gaelic language and Gaelic-related products or services to promote their businesses to visitors, competitors and others attending the Mod. 

This year the festival takes place in Caithness, and the Showcase event is located in Thurso Business College between 11 & 15 October. Local businesses are also being invited to showcase their products & services as part of the event, and give the Mod visitors a taste of what the Caithness & Highlands has to offer.

The festival programme of competitions cover a wide range of disciplines including Gaelic Music and Song, Highland Dancing, Instrumental, Drama, Sport and Literature. During the festival, an extensive Mod Fringe programme takes place which includes performances from some of Scotland’s leading Gaelic singers and musicians, plus local artistes.

In addition to providing a national and international platform for promotion of the Gaelic language and culture, the Mod will provide a major economic and cultural boost to the Caithness area, attracting considerable national and international publicity, raising the profile of the county, local businesses; products & services.

Caithness is a beautiful part of Scotland, and the Showcase event will give a great opportunity for businesses to promote their products & services to the thousands of Mod visitors, competitors & performers.

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