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6th April 2019
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If you want to know about the top 10 gadgets for college life, keep reading this article as it presents a really universal list of gadgets for students!

When students head off to college, it means there appear a lot of things to keep organized. Students need a few homey necessities to decorate and organize stuff in their dorm rooms in a comfortable and beautiful way.

Additionally, every student desires to have useful gadgets for college that aim to optimize every step of their busy lives. For instance, when they take a laptop and click “buy essays”, it provides students with a wonderful opportunity to get the greatest essay ever without making titanic efforts for that! Besides, you may go to writercheap.com using any student device (smartphone, iPad, laptop, etc.) and get any home assignment done perfectly.

Technology for college students undergoes great modification process thus making students’ life easier. Cool tech gadgets for college students are different from traditional electronic devices as very often they are too far about being “useful”. They just simplify college life and make implementing certain assignments more effective.

So, here is the list of best tech gadgets for college students. Read on to discover the best items and click on their links to get more detailed info on how and when they may use this gadget.

Kindle Paperwhite

 Students who study literature or those who are simply crazy about reading should have in their collection Kindle Paperwhite— one of the best technology for college students. Reading e-books wherever you are (even at night while your roommate is seeing a dream as Kindle’s front light never strains their eyes) is not the only hitting function of this sleek gadget.

Other options include wireless connectivity to get other services available. Forgot a report in Sociology on a laptop at the dorm room? Activate Kindle’s function “wireless delivery of personal docs” and connect to all the laptop’s folders remotely (note that this function may require some additional charge). This sounds like a guarantee to avoid low grades from your teacher!A bonus is that battery life is grandiose for extremely busy students as it may last for more than ten days for active use.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

 This tech guru of providing photos is proudly placed among cool gadgets for college students. In the time where Instagram and Facebook selfies run the world, the best photos printed on paper is an awesome way to decorate their dorm room to make both old and new fantastic memories flash in their memory again and again. Partying hard with groupmates, dating with the love of their whole life, traveling to inspiring countries… The list of such college opportunities is endless.

Print moments via HP Sprocket! It easily connects via Bluetooth to all social platforms in your smartphone. Choose some photos and print them anywhere as it’s portable. This gadget comes with specific paper so you may attach photos to any surface (a cool idea to decorate the walls in your dorm room with a gorgeous collage).

Noise-Cancelling Headphones Sony WH-1000XM2

 Must-have gadgets for college students include noise-cancelling headphones (SONY develops great solutions). Why do college students need it? In case they desire to turn an awfully boring lecture into a rock concert of a favorite rock band; they want to abstract their mind from a shatter-brained roommate who can’t live without squabbling with their partner on the phone; they desire to have a walk through crowded sidewalks listening to an optimistic playlist and relax after some complex testing in college.

Introvert students who get used to pulling an all-nighter choose noise-cancelling headphones that serve like “Do not disturb” sign on a hotel room door.

Sony WH-1000XM2headphones are represented in a variety of colors and styles. Go to Amazon and choose the perfect solution personally for you.


Apple Watch Series 4 is considered not only a student dream but a tech passion of modern generation. Connecting to iPhone models, Apple Watch stays on top of any student task providing the ability to follow deadlines. Smartwatch may be used as a clock (it’s quite obvious), calendar, music player, calendar, Word doc reader, etc. It may even serve as a portable crib note: text with your buddies during some testing (you don’t need pulling out your iPhone).

This makes smartwatch Apple number one among the best college gadgets!

Neo SmartPen N2

Digital smartpens also belong to the necessary gadgets for college. Using Bluetooth connection, Neo SmartPen N2 model transfers data to any gadget synced with it while a student takes notes during lectures. This smartpen is attentive to details, thus not a single word will get lost with Neo SmartPen N2.

Forget about taking packs of notebooks and pens (that get frequently lost) that students, especially girls, should somehow put into tiny designer bags. Now it’s time to say “Bye!” to lost papers with important lecture notes and accept the new approach in note taking with digital smartpens which may be purchased here.

Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Being a student doesn’t mean you should swap your iPad for a PC because you study hard and have to type much. Ok, typing lectures on iPad or other tablet is both uncomfortable and slow. To solve that, modern science represented one of the greatest college gadgets — a Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard that may be easily connected to any tablet. It speeds up the process of note-taking, Google search, and mailing. What more could one ask for?

Heated Smart Travel Mug

This is mentioned among top best gadgets for college students who can’t live a day without a solid portion of caffeine to activate their brain activity during seminars or just have a drink while going shopping with friends. Amazon market suggests a huge variety of smart mugs. Most products keep coffee steaming via USB connecting to power bank. No more goonk cold coffee!

Mosche Sunrise Alarm Clock

All students hate annoyingly loud alarm clocks. Still, they need some “voice” to wake up for classes. Among gadgets for college students there exists one unique solution — Mosche Sunrise Alarm Clock! The device has around six natural sounds and radio, so students may choose between waking up to some pleasant bird singing or their favorite FM radio station.

The word “sunrise” is the best thing as this “sun” function simulates a sunrise. Around twenty minutes before the alarm, the brightness intensifies from one percent to one hundred (this makes your waking up really gradual).

Battery Case for Smartphones

Now students’ life doesn’t resemble an episode from a horror film when their phone switches off at a wrong time because of an extremely short life of their smartphone battery. Moreover, modern battery cases may combine such functions as phone protection and battery life prolongation.Such cases don’t add size to gadgets. So, your phone stays elegant and charged.

Rucksack with Charging Function

Again, there is nothing worse than a dying smartphone or a tablet when you badly need it. Charging rucksacks is an option for students who are crazy about traveling as it contains a kind of an inner charging station that makes the battery death impossible.

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