5 Reasons Why Businesses Need A Modern Intranet
27th February 2023
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Is your business considering a new intranet but is unsure if it's worth the investment? Do you believe that the concept of an intranet is out of date? That's a fair concern, given that intranets have existed for decades in some form or another, and many of them are revealing their age with wonky interfaces, outdated content and dwindling employee usage. 

Although conventional intranets may decline, the modern intranet remains alive and well. Because of technological advancements and the emergence of a digital workforce, modern intranets have used their technology to develop a system that caters to all workers.

Here are more reasons why your company requires modern intranet solutions.

Improved Remote Employee Support

Working from anywhere is convenient and offers numerous advantages to employees. However, working from anywhere is meaningless if 

  • You require specific information or document, and the senior manager who can grant access to the documents is unavailable. 
  • Or if you cannot collaborate with coworkers.

An intranet integrated with the digital workspace offers your teams the assistance and data they require, regardless of the "when" or "where. 

Improved Knowledge Management

An intranet assists your company in better managing all of the information, including where to find it.

For instance, when a new hire is onboarded, human resources can keep all documents and data on the intranet. It is then readily available to assist the new hire in assimilating and becoming as productive as feasible. Also, if the new hire has to fill out paperwork, you can upload them onto the corporate intranet so they can quickly find and fill them out.

Job instructions, training manuals, videos, and other job-specific information can also be available to teams via the intranet. It allows your personnel to locate the information they need quickly.

On the administrative side, Information and IT Managers can gain greater control over information dissemination within the organisation and evaluate which user groups see what information, ensuring that people only see what is relevant to them; this saves a lot of time and boosts productivity.

Developed For Expansion

The intranet solutions of the pre-pandemic period were not adequately optimised to encourage growth, nor were they optimised to accurately reflect the distinctive user experience. Before COVID, many systems provided a one-size-fits-all framework for digital workplace instruments, failing to meet the actual needs of the workplace.

However, advancements in intranet technology blew up in 2020. You can now utilise digital interfaces to provide a personalised experience to the employees at all levels of your organisation. This enables a more seamless onboarding experience for new hires and helps promote group cohesiveness and engagement across all teams and departments.

Promotes A Positive Company Culture

Creating an environment where employees from various locations, positions and departments can easily interact is critical for a strong company culture. Intranets enable every employee to participate and have their voice and views heard. This also contributes to the development of an open and candid culture in which all employees have access to the same materials and can easily get in touch with any employee within the company.

They Are Secure And Safe

A modern intranet is a tight, private network that is less vulnerable to external threats; this gives you a sense of security, knowing that critical company documents and information are secure.


Intranets are practical tools for facilitating company-wide communication, improving the employee experience and increasing productivity, making them highly relevant in today's workplace.

We have recently seen dramatic shifts in how we work, increasing the need to connect workforces. In the past couple of years, remote working has taken centre stage. An intranet (among other things) is essential for remote workers because it provides a place for employees to access company news and information, promotes internal collaboration and increases employee productivity.

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