Travel tips for small business owners
2nd April 2018
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About to hit the road to promote your business? Business travel is a different beast than going on holiday – accordingly, there are specific ways to make this process as smooth and as enjoyable as possible.


 We have laid out several of our best business travel tips and life hacks below – we hope they help you as much as they have helped us over the years.


 1) Make liberal use of business travel apps

 Apps have made life easier for most people these days – especially frequent travelers. Taking a couple hours to download and familiarise yourself with some of the top biz travel apps on the market will pay off big time in the long run.


 From Packing Pro, which allows you to create customized lists so you don’t forget to take anything important with you, to Skyscanner, which allows you to compare and book flights quickly while on the go, there is an app out there which can help reduce or eliminate an annoyance. A little research could literally change your life, so get on it.


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 2) Be smart about e-mail

 If there is one place in our 21st-century workforce which is nearly impossible to get away from, it is our e-mail inboxes.

With vendors, co-workers, and superiors expecting near-instantaneous response times due to the ubiquitous presence of smartphones and push notifications, it is important to set up boundaries and systems before heading away from the office.


Crafting an out-of-office notice is a good start, as it will train colleagues not to expect a prompt reply under the given circumstances.


However, take things a step further by disabling push notifications and setting up specific times to check e-mail when on the road – this will allow you to devote all your mental energy where it belongs: catering to clients, prospects, and new networking contacts.


3) Make an effort to stay healthy

 Over time, business travel can become a non-stop series of big dinners with clients, drinks with sales prospects, and late nights spent hammering out strategy with regional office management.


Don’t let your health slip along the way – make morning jogs or afternoon gym sessions a priority. Choose healthier options when ordering food and practice portion control. Opt for lower-calorie drinks and consume alcohol responsibly.


By minding your caloric intake and inserting physical activity into your daily travel routine, you’ll prevent abdominal fat from creeping up on you.


4) Enjoy the places you visit

 This may seem daft to younger employees, but many business travelers will often jump from airport to boardroom to airport without seeing anything which makes their destination city great.


Sometimes, this is unavoidable – schedules are tight, so there is often no time to do anything other than taking care of business.


However, if you have flexibility in your schedule, do take time to go sightseeing, go to the beach, or check out the local cuisine – it will enrich your life and career in ways you can’t presently imagine. 

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