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4th February 2010
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Well the bestof's national 14 Days of Love campaign has had a fantastic response so far and we're only 4 days in!
In the two weeks up to Valentine's Day, we're encouraging consumers all over the UK to share the love and tell us why they love their local businesses so much.

And the businesses themselves are entering into the spirit - one of our Isle of Man Business members have gone and got their own 14 Days of Love t-shirts printed (see picture below), which has helped raise the awareness even further.

Here at thebestof Croydon we can even claim one of the daily winners as our own.

Esra F is I'm sure now very pleased she left a glowing testimonial for Injoy. Quite an achievement bearing in mind there were FOUR TESTIMONIALS POSTED EVERY MINUTE throughout the national network that afternoon!

More news - Savita from Healthvibes has asked 2,500 of her clients (how very pro-active) if they loved her, and judging by the response she got, she is hot hot hot!
Take a look at our love-ometer to see how other businesses in Croydon are being loved as we speak.


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