Let's celebrate an Independent Christmas.
11th October 2012
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The Independent Christmas campaign (#IndieXmas on twitter), runs for the 6 weeks lead up to Christmas day, starting 12th November 2012. It is a new campaign, launching this year, a spin-off from the well-established Independent Retailer Month.

It will focus on both businesses and the consumer.

Consumers will be encouraged to divert a proportion of their Christmas spending - be that on gift and food shopping, partying or pampering - to local, independent businesses, helping to boost businesses in the local area.

The campaign will be inclusive of the wider group of 'retail' businesses - in fact all those who serve consumers - bars, restaurants and salons as well as traditional shops.

The message to consumers is: buying from an Independent guarantees you a more unique experience. If you are looking for a bit of indulgence at this celebratory time of year, wanting to find any unusual gifts, unique outfits, delicious treats, and enjoy special occasions, then you should definitely explore your local independents.

This is the perfect opportunity to give independent businesses a real boost in sales; already around 30% of their annual sales are achieved in the 6 weeks before Christmas, an incremental increase during the peak period could make a significant difference to their bottom line.

So head on down to your local independent retailer for your Christmas shopping this year and enjoy the unique, personal experience that it brings!

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