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14th December 2018
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Windows 10 Deleted file restoration refers to the reinstatement of deleted files, which became a computer recycled, or deprived the system's shape. Usually, in computer storage, the data is not automatically deleted from the drive, even after the recycling cycle and disk formatting is removed. Instead, each file / data is deleted or formatted, the storage drive removes access to this location, and is available as future data storage needs.

Deleted file recovery process can still access this data unless any new data prevails at that location. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Freeis done by data or deleted file recovery software.



  • For delete data recovery is important of dual click on the desktop icon to re-create a file from the recycleclick is to display contents and then choose to restore the file from right click and menu.If the recycled bin icon is not there, look for 'Menu' or 'Hide' menu and you should see this setting a shortcut where you can mark the box next to the recycling bin and display it.


  • Do not agree to the recycle bin as a protective net, though: it has the size limit and once youexceed it, large files will end permanently and automatically. The default size is more than enough for most people, so it's a great chance that you still want to restore any file will still be available in the recycling. To check or change capability, click on the recycling bin and select Properties.
  • However, if you live in the habit of using shift removal shortcuts in which the recycled bin and actually delete the data, then it will not be helpful. Plus, if your files were available on a SD card or USB flash drive, there is no recycled bin function.


  • But before re-using the file recovery software, it is still able to check other occasions. Have you shared the file or document via email? Do you have it safe or compatible with the Cloud Storage Service? Or are you smart and backup files on another hard drive?


Data Recovery Instructions

Delete Download free data recovery Software to restore lost or deleted documents, email data files, videos, photos, and audio files. This software improves data from all types of storage devices, hard drives, pen drives, memory cards and more, and also retrieves lost or deleted distribution on a hard drive. This data recovery software is free, and reaches 1GB of data for free! You will not get easy solutions to recover data, just in 3 simple steps.

Pointed Media

To define the file types for data recovery, select 'Re-select' and select 'Select data' where you want to retrieve data.

Start Scanning

Once you have selected a drive to recover the data, then scan the entire drive / volume for the lost data.You can also see the recovery of files while scanning is in progress.

Restore Data

Finally, the software allows you to save export files at the location of your choice. Provides more than one option to save files.


Data Recovery Tools


Lost or deleted file recovery from accident

This free file recovery software EaseUSrestores lost or deleted files from recycled bins, even when you delete files using the SHIFT + DELETE key. This software is designed to retrieve data that you have deliberately deleted or deleted the files.


Retrieve data from lost or deleted distribution

If you are unable to find a division or if any partition is deleted or disappeared, you can use 'Find the drive' in the 'Selection of the Location' section of the interface. This feature lists all missing and current volume to restore data.


Retrieve photos, videos, and audio files

Starter Data Recovery - Free Edition can recover images, videos and audio files. With this software, you will never have to worry about losing valuable movie collections, digital photo albums or music libraries!


Recover deleted email files

For free data recovery tool for deleted files to email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus etc. etc., you can recover email files without disturbing their original form or other attributes. Can do You can restore your folder and import the associated email clients to them.


Review deleted files before recovery

Before you proceed to complete the software, you will be able to view an overview of the export file. This option is helpful when you want to see the deleted files before purchasing the professional version of the software.


Option to save multiple files

To save the overall size of the exported files, save the exported files into the zip format and that's why you need to store this space in your hard drive. The software also allows you to recover any file without deleting the deleted file as per your choice.


Look deeper with 'deep scan'

Try advanced deep scan utility, which is deeper in your full hard drive or connected external storage device. While the feature of sharp scan works well in the normal data loss conditions, it is with the Deep Scan that you disable the real data recovery capability of the software.


Improved search feature

This software offers advanced search features to look at specific types of file types in a special folder or a logical drive. In addition, you can find lost or deleted data in a particular folder. It also allows the file to locate specific files by determining file type and file type.

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