Could you do your bit towards keeping the streets of Croydon safe in 2012?
13th January 2012
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Last year's civil unrest saw Croydon suffer appallingly at the hands of a mindless few. 


However, we also witnessed the pulling together of our community in the aftermath of the riots, proving that the majority of people, whilst aware that we are going through some difficult times, are good, decent honest citizens.  Just as those who perpetrated the unrest came from a diverse range of backgrounds, so do the members of our Police volunteer organisations. 


Could YOU offer skills, abilities or just enthusiasm to the benefit of our Police and our community?


The Met Volunteer Programme (MVP) gives you the opportunity to make a contribution to the safety and security of your community whilst allowing Police Officers to spend more time patrolling the streets.


Volunteers are welcome from all backgrounds.  They can take on a variety of different roles, depending on the needs of the MPS and the community, in areas such as:


  • Staffing front offices
  • Assisting in media liaison
  • Supporting victims and witnesses
  • Human resources
  • Criminal Investigation Department
  • Criminal Justice Unit
  • Specialist Crime Departments


If you have a few hours to devote to helping your community each week, the MVP may be just the opportunity for you.


Do you have the time to give and the enthusiasm to make a difference?  You don't necessarily need to have any particular skills - although specialists are always welcome - just the right attitude and community values. There is no requirement to commit to a minimum number of hours, and with policing being a 24 hour challenge there are volunteer opportunities to match your available hours.  Furthermore, adults of all ages and levels of education and experience - fresh out of school or just retired - are recognised as bringing their own personal attributes to the table.


Interested?  Contact the Croydon Volunteers Coordinator via their website.


Become a Volunteer Police Officer in Croydon


If you feel your skills and enthusiasm are better suited to working ‘on the front line' then the Metropolitan Special Constabulary (MSC) officers (more popularly known as special constables) provide vital support to a whole range of policing activities.  The work of a special constable is varied, interesting and, at times, exciting. But above all offers the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to reduce crime, disorder and fear in Croydon.


MSC officers are given much the same roles as regular, full-time police officers and viewed as assets that can be deployed into many situations requiring Police service. In many cases, Specials will patrol as part of a Safer Neighbourhoods team, working together with local people on tackling local issues.


Many members of the MSC in Croydon Borough play an important role in providing additional officers at peak periods and at well known local events. Added to the likes of the London Marathon and Trooping the Colour, this year will obviously require a vital and dedicated presence at the 2012 Olympic Games.


If you’re interested in becoming a special constable in Croydon, you can apply via the website.

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