UK's Worst Ever Drink Driver Caught In Coventry
12th January 2010
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Worst ever drink-driver caught in Coventry over Christmas!

Well, the weekend’s over and I’m here again after having devoured the daily nationals from Saturday and found, once again, a story from Coventry...However, this certainly is not a story that we in Coventry should be proud of.

Highlighted in the Daily Mail this weekend was a story that made me cringe  - Coventry is now the home to Britain’s worst ever drink-driver.

During the Christmas period when Police were keeping their usual vigil on our Coventry roads, they saw a car swerving dangerously and pulled over the driver on suspicion of him ‘being unfit to drive’, either from the influence of drink or drugs.

After the routine breath test, the police were stunned to discover that the 29 year old driver, Polish-born Marcin Ziebacz, had 191 micrograms of alcohol per 100ml of breath. That equalled 5.46 times over the legal limit of 35 micrograms per 100ml of breath.

Ziebacz is believed to have drunk 15 pints of strong lager at a party before trying to drive the four miles back to his home in Coventry city centre.

Police say that this is one of the worst ever cases of drink-driving on British roads and the highest breath test ever recorded in the UK.

Ziebacz from Coventry pleaded guilty to the drink-driving charge, had his licence confiscated and was banned from driving while his case goes to court. He could face a six month jail sentence or a fine of up to £5,000.

What I want to know on earth did he even find his car in that inebriated state, let alone open the car door, get in and drive off!

It’s a pretty scary thought that someone would actually drink that much alcohol and think it’s OK to get in a car a drive through our streets.

Let’s hope this story is a deterrent to all those who think this is acceptable behaviour. The police should be commended for what they did when they stopped Ziebacz that night - it’s scary thinking about what might have happened on our Coventry roads if they hadn’t!

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